Community Partners: The Bond County Humane Society

The Bond County Humane Society’s Mission

Bond County Humane Society is based on the core value that all animals deserve to be treated in a humane manner. Dogs and cats with no homes need temporary shelter until a permanent, loving home can be found for them. We believe that awareness and education allows animals and humans to come together, for the benefit of both.

  • Local groups need volunteers, no one ever regrets helping, here’s how.   

Bond County Humane Society (BCHS) exists to provide temporary sanctuary for unwanted, lost and neglected animals for ultimate placement in loving and responsible homes. BCHS is a nonprofit charitable organization committed to promote animal welfare through education and to actively encourage pet population reduction. We are dedicated to creating, in Bond County, an environment that enhances awareness of homeless animals and support for the humane treatment of these animals.

The biggest annual event for the Bond County Humane Society is Paws in the Park.  The Bond County Humane Society is hosting their Paws in the Park event Saturday, September 16, from 10 AM to 2 PM at Double J Doggie Play N Stay on Rt. 127 south of Greenville. The day will be full of fun family activities to benefit the Bond County Humane Society. For more, find the Humane Society on Facebook.  This hugely popular event is not only great for pet owners, but also a big fundraiser for the BoCo Humane Society.

BCHS does not receive funding assistance from the city, county, state nor any other entity or organization. Especially NOT the Humane Society of the United States! BCHS is totally dependent on membership dues, donations, grants and fundraisers to help the animals.

Bond County Humane Society was formed in Greenville, IL in 2003. Rachel and Dennis Hundsdorfer, along with a small group of concerned citizens, founded it with the intention of providing shelter for the stray and homeless animals in Greenville until they are released into responsible, loving homes.

Recently Rachel came to visit WGEL and spoke with Tom Kennedy about the Society, it’s history, it’s needs for the present and the future, and how people can help.  Listen to the entire interview below.

You can help the Bond County Humane Society simply by going for a walk.  Rachel spoke about it in the above interview, but by downloading apps like Woof Trax and using it while you walk, you will be helping raise funds.  Check it out in your App Store.

Adoptions to safe, responsible homes is at the Core of what Bond County Humane Society aims to do.  Here are a few of the happy homes, made happier by a new pet.


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