Community Partners: The B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation


In the late 1980s, the finances of the B.C.C.U. #2 School District were stressed, much like in today’s economy. Key community members who valued the importance of a quality education identified the need to support our District beyond the District’s budget capabilities and thereby, the idea of the B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation was formed.

It took many individuals’ time, dedication, and expertise to create the Foundation. But it was the efforts of life-long Bond County resident, Fred Baumberger, which garnered the initial ten pledges of $1,000 each from “The Grandparents Club” that gave the Foundation life! It was with this money that the Foundation’s Endowment Fund originated. Thanks to generous supporters, today’s Endowment Fund balance is over $74,000!

It was Mr. Baumberger’s and the other Foundation organizers’ wish that the Endowment Fund monies not be spent but to be conservatively invested while allowing for any income generated from the Fund to be used for the mission of the Foundation.

It was 1990 when the B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation was officially organized. Today the Foundation continues to support the District’s objective of providing a quality education to B.C.C.U. #2 students by:

  • Awarding of Teacher Grants with membership dues and direct charitable contributions;
  • Administering college and aviation Scholarships with memorial gifts;
  • Supporting Character Education with Endowment Fund earnings.

Character Education Program Support

The B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation supports the efforts of the B.C.C.U. #2 Character Education Program. This program is dedicated to “building character for life” by teaching, modeling, and affirming positive character development throughout our School District and community. The Program’s Board of Directors, who are separate from the Academic Foundation’s, determines how funds will be used.

Recent year’s funds were equally distributed to all District schools and used for approved Character Education materials and projects including the purchase of a “Buddy Bench”, an anti-bullying bench designed to help children develop friendships.

The Future

Aside from your generous annual membership and gifts, we encourage you to consider two additional paths of giving that will help to insure the future of the B.C.C.U. #2 Academic Foundation:

  1. Establish an annual Teacher Grant Scholarship in memory or honor of a loved one. Annual Teacher Grant Scholarships can be designed to benefit specific areas of interest or learning centers.
  2. Leave a legacy with a planned gift through estate planning.

Light The Way” Gala

The “Light The Way” Gala is an evening of fine dining, entertainment, and spirited auctions for the benefit of enhancing the educational experience of all B.C.C.U. #2 students.  It’s an annual fundraiser for the foundation and this last year raised $25,000 for the foundation.  The evening features a silent and live auction hosted by Langham Auctioneers.  Follow the foundation on Facebook and listen to WGEL Radio when details of next year’s event are released.


The 2019 Gala included the cast of the High School Musical Peter Pan putting on a show for those in attendance.  The first Gala was held in 2016.

Academic Foundation Puttin’ Round the Square

The Gala is the annual event but the foundation will hold other fundraisers through out the years as well.  Puttin’ Round the Square was held in the Summer of 2022.

Follow the link to the Foundation’s webpage for more information, including how you can get involved and help in the success of our young people.

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