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Bond County Museum: Home of Bond County Historical Society.

The Bond County Historical Society works to keep our local history alive and preserved, not at the Bond County Museum but by hosting local history events and other opportunities to learn.  On this page you’ll see just a part of the great events they’ve held over the decades, to learn more visit the museum, follow them on Facebook and attend a local event, you will be happy you did.


Bond County is today one of Illinois’ smallest counties, both in size and population. However, it has a rich and important history that pre-dates statehood. The county was formed out of Madison County in 1817 as part of the Illinois Territory. It was named for Shadrach Bond, who had been a farmer, a politician, an army colonel during the War of 1812, and at the time was Receiver of Public Money. He would later be elected the state’s first governor in 1818.

The original boundary of Bond County was a 26 mile wide strip that started just a few miles south of its current border and stretched all the way to Lake Superior in the present state of Wisconsin.

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The Annual Ice Cream Social

The Bond County Museum 

Cemetery Tours

The Quilt Show

Things were getting hairy in Greenville back in 1965. Those who remember the Sesquicentennial celebration still speak fondly of seeing most of the men in Greenville growing—or attempting to grow—beards for a Brothers of the Brush contest that saw non-participants getting dunked in a tank of water. The town recreated the whiskers contest in 2015 for Greenville’s Bicentennial celebration.

The Society is all about people keeping history alive, volunteers, tour guides, help maintaining the grounds, hosting fundraisers, financial support and much more.  Share your talents by getting in touch with The Historical society either on social media or at the museum.

Society President Cary Holman stopped into WGEL Radio to talk about the Society below is the full interview.

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Bond County Illustration, by Naomi Babbitt for 1979 book, A History of Bond County, Illinois

Bond County Illustration, by Naomi Babbitt

Bond was one of 11 original counties when Illinois applied for statehood in 1818. It was represented at the state’s constitutional convention in the first capital of Kaskaskia by Thomas Kirkpatrick and Samuel G. Morse. The county seat was temporarily located at Hills Fort (just five miles west of Greenville), and soon moved to Perrysville, which was located along Hurricane Creek in present Fayette County.

In 1820 Illinois decided to move its capital to Vandalia. As a result, Fayette and Montgomery Counties were formed out of Bond in 1821. Since Perrysville would become part of Fayette, the new county seat for Bond was chosen at Greenville after George Davidson donated land for the building of a courthouse. Greenville is one of Illinois’ oldest towns having been founded in 1815, and remains the county seat today.

Townships of Bond County today

Bond County Township Map

In 1825 Clinton county was formed in part from Bond’s southern section. In 1843 the state legislature voted to give part of Madison County to Bond to compensate for its previous reductions, and this is the section that projects from its western side.

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