The Wheel of Meat

Wheel of Meat

Every Friday WGEL will spin the wheel of meat for one lucky listener, courtesy of Grantfork Meats!


Friday mornings around 6:45 am we will announce on air a name from the WGEL Cash Call book. That person will have 9 minutes to call WGEL at 664-3300 to be our Wheel of Meat contestant. We will spin the wheel and you will win the dollar amount in meat certificates from Grantfork Meats that the wheel lands on. The amounts range in value from 50 dollars in steak to 10 dollars in ground beef. The better the cut of meat the more valuable the certificate. If the person whose name is announced does not call within the 9 minutes we will ask for a specific numbered call to try their luck at the WGEL Wheel of Meat. Employees of WGEL are ineligible to play. You may only play once in any calendar year. Decisions of the judges are final. You must be 18 or older to spin the wheel.

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