Dena Determann Is WGEL’s 2020 Valentine’s Prize Package Winner

We had over 150 entries…and Dena Determann, of the Reno area, is WGEL’s 2020 Valentine’s Day Prize Package winner!

Dena wins candy from Watson’s, flowers from Meraki Florist, dinner for 2 at Shakerag Bar & Grill In Mulberry Grove, a gift basket from the Greenville Veterinary Clinic, two insulated travel tumblers from Bond County Realtors, gift card from Will o’th Wind Office Supplies and Electronics, and an IGA gift card from Southern OB-GYN!

Thanks to Cupid for stopping by….thanks to all of you who registered, and thanks to our sponsors: The Greenville Veterinary Clinic, Watson’s Health Mart Drug Store, Bond County Realtors, Will o’th Wind Office Supplies & Electronics, Meraki Florist, the Shakerag Bar & Grill in Mulberry Grove, and Southern OB-GYN.

Happy Valentine’s Day…and congratulations to Dena Determann, the latest big winner with WGEL!