Win Lunch In The Field

Farmers, you know how it is…it’s harvest season, you’re making good progress in the fields, and it can be inconvenient to stop for lunch.

So let WGEL, Brian Zeeb with “Expect More Ag” and The Fainting Goat, bring you Lunch In the Field.

Harvest time is busy for farm families and there’s a lot going on. But you need to stay fueled up and alert when operating all that equipment. So, let “Expect More Ag” and The Fainting Goat, bring you lunch – IN THE FIELD!

Farm families, be listening to WGEL every Thursday and be the fifth caller when we “Ring the dinner bell!” “Expect More Ag” will bring the winner lunch in the field the following week.

Tune in Thursdays for Lunch in the Field, brought to you “Expect More Ag” and The Fainting Goat!!

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