Bond County Fireman’s Association Reminds You To Check Co Detector Dates

Fire departments throughout Bond County have been receiving an unusually high number of calls recently, regarding carbon monoxide detectors sounding.

One reason for that increase, according to the Bond County Fireman’s Association is the law requiring homes to have CO detectors. That law went into effect in January 2007 – seven years ago. Most carbon monoxide detectors have a timer set to activate every seven years. That timer will chirp every thirty to sixty seconds to let you know it’s time to completely replace your detectors.

The Fireman’s Association says if you have a CO detector sounding, check the back of it for a date code. If that date goes back about seven years, it’s most likely time to replace the detector. However, they caution, if you have any doubts, questions, or concerns, still call your local fire department.

The Association also urges you to write the date on the back of your detector when you activate it.

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