Breese Ambulance And Police Personnel Receive EMS Awards

Six Breese ambulance and police employees were presented with Southwestern Illinois EMS awards for pre-hospital saves at the Breese City Council meeting on Tuesday, January 7. Breese Mayor Charlie Hilmes told WGEL the award is for police, EMTS, and paramedics who get to a scene first. It was determined that had the first responders not arrived when they did, the victims might not have survived long enough to get to the hospital.

Mayor Hilmes said having their own ambulance service gives Breese a quicker response time. Responders can be anywhere in the city within a few minutes and within five to ten minutes, they can be anywhere within their district, which includes Germantown and Germantown Township.

The city employees who received awards were Aaron Albers, Mark Berndsen, Michael Berndsen, Allen Pollman, Tina Schelper and Levi Wilkens.

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