County Board Discusses Voting For Supervisor Of Assessments

In their meeting this week the Bond County Board revisited the topic of making the County Supervisor of Assessments an elected position, rather than one that’s appointed by the county board.  The board briefly discussed this last month, noting there had been several unsuccessful petitions circulated previously, seeking to make the post an elected office.

The board missed the deadline to place the issue on the March 18th primary ballot, so if they choose to make the move, they’ll have to put it on the November general election ballot.  At that point, if the public votes to make the position an elected office, it will have to be placed on the next primary election ballot, which will be in 2016.  A final candidate would then be elected in November 2016.

County Board Member Wes Pourchot said many county residents wanted to see the change made.  Frank Lucco said he’d rather it be an appointed office, but agreed with Pourchot that many county residents do want the change.

During discussion the board said if they took action on the matter well before the November election, those interested in running for the position would have time to receive the necessary education and take the required tests to get qualified to potentially hold the office.

Bond County State’s Attorney Chris Bauer pointed out that the board had listed consideration of making the Supervisor of Assessments an elected position on the primary, not the general, election on their meeting agenda and they’d need to wait to take action on the matter until a future meeting.

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