County Board Talks Education Office, Humane Society

In their meeting Tuesday, the Bond County Board discussed the upcoming consolidation of the Bond-Fayette-Effingham and Christian-Montgomery County Regional Offices of Education. County Board Chairman Howard Elmore said he’d been in contact with chairmen from other counties affected and they planned to meet soon to discuss how the consolidated office will be funded. Julie Wollerman, Regional Superintendent of Bond-Fayette-Effingham will continue to serve as Superintendent of the consolidated office, while Marchelle Kassebaum, current Regional Superintendent of the Christian-Montgomery office, will serve as assistant.

Board member Gerald McCray noted that he’d located someone who was willing to repair the heavily damaged roof at the Bond County Humane Society for free, but that in speaking with Humane Society leadership, they had also located someone willing to replace the entire roof free of charge. Either way, McCray said the roof would be taken care of, free of charge.

Frank Lucco noted the board may want to put discussion of the Humane Society on a future agenda, because if the Humane Society ceases to exist, it will have a big impact on the county. While the Humane Society doesn’t generate funds for the county, they help keep expenses down by reducing the workload on Bond County animal control.

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