Hospital Auxiliary Gives Largest Donation To Date

The auxiliary's annual gift to Greenville Regional Hospital totaled $340,000 this year - a new record.

The Greenville Regional Hospital Auxiliary presented their annual gift to Greenville Regional Hospital Tuesday, donating the largest amount in Auxiliary history.

“We are extremely proud and excited for our Auxiliary, and thanks to all the leadership and the volunteers they raised $340,000 this year, which is their largest donation,” Hospital CEO Brian Nall told WGEL. “We counted up about 34,000 hours volunteered this year, and the volunteers – men and women – volunteered as hospital greeters, at the thrift shop, making apple butter, participating and planning and facilitating the holiday bazaar and book fairs and plenty of other events.”

Nall said the Auxiliary created a list of about 50 items to be purchased, including mattresses for patient rooms, stretchers, blanket warmers, crash carts and replacing the roof for the Thrift shop, the auxiliary’s largest fund raiser.

For more information or to get involved with the Auxiliary, contact current President Boyd Vieregge.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Greenville Regional Hospital & Auxiliary
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