Mulberry Grove Village Board Meets

At the recent Mulberry Grove Village Board meeting, Erin Dugan told the board she was considering purchasing the Maple Street Grill. She said if she does purchase the property, she would request a liquor license, a gaming license, and permission to use the space between the building and Maple Street for outside seating. The board will consider the requests.

The in-ground gas storage tanks at the Jumpin-Jimmy’s failed EPA tests in December and will be removed. The company is considering construction of a new building and plans to install new in-ground tanks. More information should be available in about 30 days.

The annual audit report was favorable showing all information was correct. No changes or adjustments are needed in financial policy or procedures.

A Doty Sanitation representative addressed the board with a proposal to continue their contract for trash pick-up in the village. The contract is up for renewal and the board decided, following executive session, to grant the three-year contract to Stewart Sanitation, beginning April 1, 2014.

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