Snow Is On The Ground, Now Health Threat Turns To Dangerous Wind Chills

The 11+ inches of snow is on the ground and will continue to cause major troubles, but the wind chills are just as dangerous.  High temperature for Monday is forecast at -6 degrees with wind chills in the -30+ range for today.  Tonight’s low will reach -10 with -30 wind chills once again.  These temperatures and wind chills can cause hypothermia and frost bite in a matter of minutes.

WGEL spoke with Mark Britt a meteorologist with the National Weather Service who put this current cold snap in some historical context.  Britt said these types of cold snaps are cyclical and come every so often to our area.  Britt said we saw similar temperate in 1999 and 1989.  Relief from the dangerous temperatures is not expected until tomorrow afternoon when we’re forecast to high 17 for a high.  Then on Wednesday the WGEL listening area will hit about 31 degrees with a chance for more snow.

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