Voters To Decide Future Of Supervisor Of Assessments Office

It will be up to residents to decide whether the office of the Bond County Supervisor of Assessments should be filled by election or appointment.

In their meeting Tuesday night, the Bond County Board unanimously agreed to place the issue on the general election ballot in November.  Board member Gerald McCray said enough people had expressed interest in the position being an elected office to put the issue to residents.

If voters decide the office should be an elected post, the first time it will appear on a ballot would be the 2016 primary.

McCray also told the board that he had talked to Jon Joiner of Joiner Sheet Metal and Roofing regarding the roof at the Bond County Humane Society.  Joiner said the roof was beyond repair and said he would donate the material and labor to completely replace it at no cost to either the Humane Society, or the county, which owns the building.

The board discussed payment of their Southwestern Planning Commission dues – an amount of $5,421. Ultimately they decided to have a representative from the organization come to a future meeting to tell them more about the potential benefits of membership in the Commission.

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