Alden And GRH Agreement Discussions Come To A Close

Greenville Regional Hospital announced late Friday afternoon that despite months of effort the discussions regarding an ownership arrangement for Fair Oaks Nursing Home with Alden Management Services have come to a close. Alden assumed management of Fair Oaks on July 15th. Hospital President and CEO Brian Nall told WGEL that since that time, both parties partnered to determine the best solution for an ownership arrangement, but one could not be reached:

“We realize the community is saddened and will be saddened by this, and so are we, for not only our residents but also our employees,” Nall told WGEL. “Working through this, we did try to do what we could. We heard the community’s cry to exhaust all efforts, to keep the nursing home as part of the hospital. We spent a great deal of time and money in that direction.”

Nall says the hospital will work with those families in the coming weeks to place those residents in new facilities. Twenty-one hospital staff members remain employed at Fair Oaks. Nall said the hospital will work with as many as possible to find other employment options within the hospital, however some will have to take unemployment.

Nall told us Fair Oaks is expected to officially close before March 22nd.

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