Area Landowners Consider Negotiating Ameren Easement

A group of area landowners met recently to discuss new easement changes requested by Ameren for use of land to accommodate line expansions. Attorney Jeffrey Mollet attended the meeting to inform landowners of their legal rights. He told us more about the meeting.

“The purpose of the meeting we held was to determine if there was any interest by the local farmers of establishing some form of association or group to negotiate as a group instead of individually with Ameren to try to get a better easement for their purposes,” Mollet told WGEL. “In other words, give them more protections or less intrusive type of easement than Ameren was looking for…You’re probably not going to have much success negotiating with this big corporation individually but if enough of you wanted to go together to try to develop one master easement agreement, that could then be proposed back to them, you might have a chance at being able to do that.”

If you are affected by the Ameren easement and would like more information on forming a group to negotiate easement terms, call the Bond County Farm Bureau at 664-3100.

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