BCIDFA Launches “40 For The 4th” Fundraiser

The Bond County Independence Day Festival Association recently launched a new fundraising campaign to help revive the July 4th celebration at Patriot’s Park in Greenville.

“We will have other events coming up in the future, but right now we are launching a “40 for the 4th” club campaign, which allows the public to support the Independence Day festival through a $40 donation,” Association President Scott Crothers said. “That $40 donation will get them a special T-shirt for being a member of the club and some VIP perks on the day of the event, but more than anything, it allows the donor to support both financially and publicly – morally – the process of bringing back the fireworks to Bond County.”

To become a member of the “40 for the 4th Club,” pick up a form at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce office or e-mail bondcountyfourthfest@gmail.com.

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