Bond County Senior Center Receives 300 Unexpected Valentines

Some of the valentines received by the Bond County Senior Center

Valentine’s Day may be over, but Anna Oestreich, Director of the Bond County Senior Center, says the folks at the center are still puzzled by a Valentine’s mystery.

“About two weeks before Valentine’s Day we started receiving cards coming from all over the country,” said Oestreich.  “They were addressed to the Bond County Senior Center at our new address and some of them had my name on it and my name was spelled correctly, so we know they were getting information from somewhere.”

Eventually, one of the cards mentioned the organization, which encourages teens and young adults to get involved in community efforts that don’t require much money or adult supervision.  The submission of valentines to the Senior Center appears to have been part of a scholarship contest sponsored by the group.

Oestreich said whatever the reason, the project made a positive impact at the Center.

“It was pretty exciting for us,” she told us.  “We were able to distribute valentines to all of the individuals that get home-delivered meals and all of the people who came in for lunch.  It was really a very fun and gratifying experience.  I still don’t know how they picked Bond County Senior Center, but I’m honored that they did.”

In total the Senior Center received nearly 300 Valentine’s Day cards from all over the nation.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce
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