Bond County Sheriff Shares Tips On Child Safety

With a recent tragedy in Missouri and recent reports of suspicious vehicles in Mulberry Grove and Bartelso, Bond County Sheriff Jeff Brown says parents need to talk with their children about how to deal with strangers.

“The vigilance starts with the parents, and we have to educate our kids as far as strangers are concerned,” Brown told WGEL. “We have to teach our kids that we have to avoid strangers, and there are some simple tips with that. If you’re approached, run. I mean, it’s just that simple. Run. If someone approaches you and they try to grab you, as far as a child is concerned, yelling ‘This is not my parent!’ or ‘This is not my mother!’ or ‘This is not my father!” and yelling as loud as you can and draw as much attention as possible.”

Brown said these conversations can sometimes be scary for children but are necessary for their protection. He also suggests children should avoid walking or riding their bicycles alone but should instead travel in groups or with an adult.

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