City Feels Impact Of Harsh Winter Weather

The City of Greenville is beginning to feel the impact of this year’s harsh winter weather. Public Works Director Bill Grider told us that while city workers have been able to keep up with snowfall on the main roads, the budget and salt supply aren’t keeping up quite as well.

“We’re putting a burden on funds, on the general fund, with all the overtime that we’re spending and actually all the salt we’ve been using,” Grider said. “We’ve probably used up about 600 tons of salt already so far this winter, which is about 200 tons over average, and of course the winter’s not over yet. But we still have about 300 tons available to hold us up until the end of the winter, hopefully.”

Grider said if the city’s supply of salt runs too low, they can pick up more in St. Louis. He said the public works department is still within their budget for the year, but above average spending to keep city streets cleared will add up come late April.

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