Greenville Police Warn Against Driving With Obstructed View

When you’re running late and the windshield is covered with a layer of ice, that small square you cleared off may seem good enough, but Greenville Police Chief Lou Lorton told us driving without fully clearing off your windows is not only dangerous, it’s illegal.

“The statute is very clear,” said Lorton. “It says that no person shall drive a motor vehicle with snow, ice, moisture, or other material on any of the windows or mirrors. It’s important when you’re warming your car and scraping your windshield. Nobody likes to do that; we know that. We all don’t like that, but it’s something that must be done.

“I’ve seen where folks will drive off and have just a very small circle of view. That’s not good. You need to have the windshield clear. And you can’t have anything between the windshield and the side window that block your view. You have to be able to see your outside mirror straight ahead and both sides, left and right, as the driver, or you’re ticketed.”

Lorton said driving with an obstructed view is a petty offense for the first offense and a Class C misdemeanor for the second offense.

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