KC Trenton Education Center To Reopen Next Month

The Kaskaskia College Trenton Education Center is approaching completion and is scheduled to reopen for classes after spring break. During construction, classes have continued at various locations throughout the community and will now be moved to the new education center. Director Arlene Covington told us numerous improvements have been made to the center during construction.

“We went from 3,500 square feet to over 15,000, so we have a great deal of space that we didn’t have before and we will increase the classes that we’ll be offering as well as the programming,” Covington told WGEL. “One of the highlights is we have a fantastic science lab—an entire area to support all of our Allied programs, our health programs, nursing programs. We have a CNA and paramedicine lab now to meet the needs of those students in that area in the healthcare field, which is a large population of our students.”

Covington said an open house will be held for the community near the end of the semester but a date has not yet been set.

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