Lawmaker Aims To Rescue Eleven Year Old’s Cupcake Business

State officials are coming to the aid of an eleven-year-old baker who’s story went viral after her cupcake business was shut down by the Madison County Health Department. State Representative Charlie Meier says it doesn’t make sense that the young girl can’t sell her cupcakes anymore. 

“We have bake sales, we have church meals, and everybody brings their dessert from home,” Meier said. “We’ll allow, at a farmer’s market, food to be brought in from an uninspected kitchen, but we’re not going to allow this girl to sell cupcakes?”

As previously reported on WGEL, Chloe Stirling, from Troy, was bringing in about $80 a week with her homemade cupcake business, but health officials say her home kitchen hadn’t been approved or inspected. Meier plans to introduce a bill that would allow some leeway when it comes to homemade foods. His plan would allow Chloe to continue her business on a limited basis, provided she notifies her customers that she is cooking in a non-inspected kitchen. 

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