St. Louis Rams Punter To Take The Polar Plunge

The St. Louis Rams punter Johnny Hekker will be taking the polar plunge into Carlyle Lake on Saturday, February 22 to help raise funds for Special Olympics Illinois. He told us he is doing some intense training to prepare for the event.

“I’ve just been eating a lot of food, trying to gather up a big layer of blubber, kind of keep me warm when I come out of the water, you know kind of like a seal,” Hekker joked. “Trying just to look like a seal or like a beluga whale, just trying to build up something on that front.”

Hekker said he is very excited about the event and looking forward to having a lot of fun. You can join Hekker in the polar plunge Saturday at noon or donate to the Special Olympics cause by visiting

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