Fayette County Scrapes By To Pay Employees

With the state three months behind on distributing funds, Fayette County is struggling to pay their employees. County Board Chairman Steve Knebel told us the county was depending on receiving money from the state to make budget.

“Due to shortfalls of state reimbursement, we were considering not being able to make payroll,” Knebel told WGEL. “We were discussing all the options we had…so it came down to we were going to either not going to make payroll or lay people off.”

Knebel said the county was able to find enough money in the general fund to make payroll this time around, but without state funding, employee pay is in jeopardy again for next period. He said if the county still has not received payment from the state, a special meeting will be called to discuss budgeting options, including the possibility of transferring funds from moneys set aside for capital improvement.

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