Fire Department Using Interesting Tool To Control Grass Fires

The Greenville Fire Department used backpack leaf blowers to help control several grass and brush fires taking place through Bond County recently. Fire Chief Bill Johnston said he discovered the unlikely use for this tool while visiting another fire department. He told us how it works.

“You just get into the unburnt part and blow it back into where it’s burning,” said Johnston. “It actually blows a fire line and sometimes you get enough wind to actually blow it out. It’s a little heavy to carry it on your back and go up and down some of those hills, but right now, that’s what I like the best, those backpack air blowers.”

Johnston said Bond County is still under a burn ban until at least Saturday, March 29 because the dry conditions make it too easy for fires to get out of hand.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of the Greenville Fire Protection District
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