Greenville City Council To Discuss Parking Restrictions

The Greenville City Council will discuss adding parking restrictions to the Locust Street area between College Avenue and Beaumont at their regular March council meeting. Mayor Alan Gaffner told us more about the issue.

“In the areas where ‘no parking’ signs are not present, it’s created parking on both sides of the street and resulted in a narrow traffic lane—a narrow travel lane to the center of the street, and the city council wants to address that at its regular March meeting,” Gaffner told WGEL. “We wanted to share in advance our discussion of that topic with not only those who live on that section of Locust Street but with the community so that they would have the opportunity to be part of that discussion if they desire.”

Gaffner said the city doesn’t have the authority to make this decision without the city council creating an ordinance. The meeting is scheduled for tonight at 7:30 p.m.

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