Greenville Fire Chief Shares Tips On Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Greenville Firefighters have responded to several false alarms caused by carbon monoxide detectors in the last few months. Fire Chief Bill Johnston shared these tips on better understanding your CO detector.

“I would say that when you get a CO detector, look the back of it, read the manufacturer’s suggestions on that.” Johnston told WGEL. “It will possibly tell you one beep every thirty seconds could need a battery, four quick beeps and then stop, four more, you know is an indication that you have high CO, one beep every ten seconds could mean something else. The instructions are on the back of them, look at it and read those. I even seen one the other day…he had it posted on his wall right next to it, so he didn’t even have to take it off his wall. He had it right there.”

Johnston said the number of false alarms is higher this year because the life of a CO detector is about seven years, and detectors became legally required in homes seven years ago. He said that while the majority of CO calls they receive are false alarms caused by dead batteries or malfunctioning detectors, they have also responded to calls where CO levels were actually high. Johnston said helping to save someone’s life in those situations makes it worth all the effort.

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