Highland Special Olympics Team Wins Gold At State Tournament

The Region 2 Chargers Special Olympics Team, including Alex Lorton of Greenville (center, front)

The Region 2 Chargers took home the gold at the Special Olympics State Basketball Tournament this month. Based in Highland, the team has players from throughout the Metro East, including Alex Lorton of Greenville, son of Lou and Margaret Lorton. Coach Marc Mitchell said the entire team played the best he’d ever seen during their two state tournament games.

“When I saw the team get out there in play, there was like a whole new team,” Mitchell told WGEL. “We had practiced with them after the regionals and tried to keep reinforcing how they should play defense and how they should pass the ball in, and you know, once you get in the game, you know it’s totally different. But this year, when we got to state, they did everything that we had told them to do. They were playing the defense really well. It was almost like the other team was just throwing us the ball, because everything that we had practiced, it worked for us.”

During their stay in Bloomington, Coach Mitchell said the players were able to enjoy a special ceremony and dance. He said he is extremely proud of the team for their hard work and dedication.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Marc Mitchell
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