Leaf Burning Is Hot Topic At City Hall

Over three dozen citizens discussed the topic of leaf burning at the special Greenville City Council meeting Thursday night.

Most, but not all, of those that spoke asked the city to ban the burning of leaves. Those asking for the ban cited health problems they or their family and friends suffered from that are aggravated by the burning of leaves. Smoke from leaf burning can irritate many conditions like asthma, bronchitis, and COPD. Proponents of the ban also cited the city’s leaf vacuuming efforts and called the burning of leaves unnecessary. Opponents of the ban said that in some cases the physical task of raking leaves to the side of the road was not possible due to the severe slope in their property.

Opponents also pointed out that some properties have too many leaves to mulch with a lawn mower. It was also said that the city’s current policy of allowing leaf burning only on specific days and times concentrates the smoke on those days, and also doesn’t let those burning their leaves choose a day when conditions are the best, as in dry days with little wind.

After two hours of discussion the meeting was closed. The council will likely consider the issue at Tuesday’s regular city council meeting.

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