Mulberry Grove Village Board Considering Video Gaming Ordinance

At the Mulberry Grove Village Board meeting Monday, Illinois Gaming Special Agent Walker addressed questions concerning video gaming in the village. Walker explained the process of getting an ordinance approved to allow video gaming and said it would probably take about six months from the start of the process until machines could be in establishments. The board is viewing ordinances from others towns to use as guides for the application.

The board is considering the purchase of a metal locator to assist in finding water lines. Village employees are checking two types of locators and the board will consider the matter at the April meeting.

Mulberry Grove High School Freshman class sponsor Caleb Thompson addressed the board concerning a proposed spring clean-up project. He said students would remove junk and debris and asked the board to pay for a large dumpster placed at the school. The board agreed to pay the $300.00 rent for the dumpster and thanked Thompson and the students for their civic pride in planning the clean-up project. In conjunction with the village cleaning project, an electronic equipment recycling day is scheduled for Sunday, April 13, at the school.

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