NWS Meteorologist Offers Tips For Severe Weather

It’s Illinois Severe Weather Awareness Week, and meteorologist Jim Kramper with the National Weather Service offers this tip on preparing for tornado season.

“Wherever you’re at, try to think ‘what do I need to do?’ For example, at home you need to know ‘where do I need to go?’” Kramper told WGEL. “If you have a basement, by far, that’s the best location. Homes that don’t have a basement, well, they have to find some type of small interior room that may offer some protection.

“People at work, they need to where is the safest place to go if I’m threatened at work. What’s the facility like? They need to know where to go and what they need to do. If you have to think about this when you’re threatened, that’s probably too late. So this is the time to think about this stuff so you can be ready if it happens.”

Kramper says you should always keep a reliable weather information source on hand and watch for warnings and watches issued by the National Weather Service.

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