President Filby Thanks Community For Supporting GC

Greenville College President Ivan Filby recently spent some time in WGEL studios where he extended his thanks to the community for their continued support of Greenville College.

“We know so many people in this community pray for us, they care for us, they look out for our students, so I just really want to say thank you very, very much for just the care of this community,” Filby told WGEL. “Because we’ve lived in Greenville, we don’t recognize how unique that is. I get to see campuses all over the world where the community is entirely indifferent, where there are all sorts of challenges between the colleges and the communities.

“There’s always scrapes and different things, but by and large, this is a really positive relationship. I believe the community wins by having the college here and the college certainly wins by being surrounded by such loving people.”

Filby said the college tries to play an active and positive role in Greenville and that they deeply value the community’s support.

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