Self Reliance Expo Draws A Crowd

Don & Jan Stover with keynote speaker, Eustace Conway (right).

Saturday March 15th marked the first annual Owl Creek Gazette Self-Reliance Expo, bringing people to Greenville from across the country. Co-editors and publishers of the Gazette Don and Jan Stover told us those who attended the event enjoyed the vendors, speakers, live musical entertainment and delicious food.

“In between Hobo Jack and then our keynote speaker, Eustace Conway, we gave time for everyone to have a chance to sit down and enjoy good food,” Jan said. “And then also to shop with our vendors and experience what our vendors brought to the event, because they brought more than just products. They actually had their wisdom, their skills, their talents, and an expertise that is rare except at an event like this, because everything they made was homemade.”

The event featured 25 vendors and brought in around 170 people in total. About 120 attended keynote speaker Eustace Conway’s presentation. Don and Jan said they plan to hold another expo next March and are now working on plans for an outdoor event this fall. For more information on the expo and upcoming events, you can check

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Don & Jan Stover
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