The Simple Room Seeks Community Support For Reading Program

As The Simple Room gears up for their summer reading program, Project 24, they are seeking the community’s support in volunteering and financial donations. Director Jamie Harling said Project 24, is designed to reduce academic achievement gaps and insure that every child has a chance to engage in learning and reading throughout the summer months. Harling said there are plenty of ways to help.

“During our six-week program, the day’s broken up into a reading program, independent reading, math, art, Bible, recreation—there’s tons of activities that people can get plugged in at, so whatever their strengths are, wherever they feel they could be the most help,” Harling told WGEL. “We could use them as just general volunteers with our students. They could even cook food if they don’t feel able to help.”

The Simple Room is also looking for financial supporters to help fund Project 24. A gift of $65 will cover the cost of books, supplies, healthy lunches, field trips and transportation. To volunteer or donate, call The Simple Room at 664-2894 or visit

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