Ameren Illinois To Upgrade Energy Delivery System


Ameren Illinois has started work on a $15.4 million energy delivery infrastructure improvement plan for customers served by the Hillsboro Operating Center, including Bond, Fayette, Macoupin and Montgomery counties. Ameren spokesperson Victoria Busch told us more about the changes.

“As we start to build out this next-generation energy delivery system, it simply means that we are improving the reliability of that service for customers,” Busch told WGEL. “We will be upgrading the grid, we will be replacing various technologies and devices on our infrastructure, improving the strength and reliability of the service overall. We’ll also be installing the advance technology, so for instance, we’ll have automated switches, and sensors that will help us to detect and isolate outages sooner, so that we can repair service more promptly. Also, customers will be having upgrades done to the meters that are located at their homes.”

Busch said customers should expect letters in the mail in May as crews prepare to upgrade to advanced electric and natural gas meters. The upgrades are expected to begin in late June. She said the meters provide customers with detailed energy usage information that will make it easier to take an active role in controlling energy usage and costs.

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