Bond County 911 Works With Legislators On State Funding


Bond County 911 has seen a significant decrease in funding as people move away from landline telephones. Bond County 911 Coordinator Alan Davis told us the county receives $1.45 per landline telephone and only 58 cents per cell phone.

“911 funding in the state of Illinois for all 911 centers is getting less and less every year, due to the fact that wireline phones are going away,” Davis told WGEL. “People are taking their home phones out and going to cell phones. We don’t get as much money for cell phones as we do for wireline phones, so we have to have two or three phones in every house to make up for the $1.45 that we get for the wireline charge.

“We were in Springfield Wednesday [April 2] and met with legislators who have some legislation that we’re trying to move forward to come up with some more money to help fund the 911 centers in the state of Illinois.”

Davis said 911 fees for pre-paid cell phones go to the county where the phone was purchased, not necessarily where the buyer lives.

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