Bond County Board Of Health Changes Fees

In their meeting this week, the Bond County Board of Health passed an administrative fee increase and sliding fee on all immunizations, raising the fee from $10 in-county and $12 out-of-county to $20 in-county and $23 out-of-county. The sliding fee would allow some of that fee to be discounted based on insurance coverage and family size.

Public Health Administrator Mark Ayers presented the possibility of purchasing a group of vehicles for health department use as an option to save money on mileage reimbursement. Right now the department reimburses 55 cents per mile driven by employees. Mileage reimbursement costs for 2012 was $52,320.99 and increased to $58,541.07 in 2013. The board advised Ayers to continue researching the possibility and to return with more information.

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