Citizens Opposing Pollution Seek Secretary Of Interior’s Help

A lawsuit out of Clinton County has started receiving national attention recently as non-profit corporation Citizens Opposing Pollution, along with several other Clinton County residents, are reaching out to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell after the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the circuit court’s decision in the case Citizens Opposing Pollution v. Exxon Mobil Coal. Attorney Penni Livingston with The Livingston Law Firm in Fairview Heights told us about the letter they sent to Secretary Jewell.

“You can force a government official to do what they are mandated to do, so I wrote Secretary Jewell a letter on March 17th indicating that I was requesting for the Citizens Opposing Pollution, a not-for-profit Illinois corporation in Clinton County, along with numerous individuals, requesting that she pull the program away from Illinois and put it back with the federal government,” Livingston told WGEL. “Secretary Jewell is mandated to pull the program, because Illinois can’t fix their program.”

Livingston said if they do not receive a response from Secretary Jewell within 60 days after the letter was sent, they will pursue a lawsuit in order to move forward with cleaning up the over 400 acres of land which she says were left to pollute the air and water supply with toxic coal slurry. Clinton County has changed their water supply, now charging residents for the use of an alternative water source.

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