City Of Greenville Feeling Impact Of Winter Weather

Even after the snow has melted, the City of Greenville is feeling the impact of this year’s extreme winter weather. Public Works Director Bill Grider told us the city depleted all but 75 tons of their 800 ton salt supply, is now 160 percent over budget for overtime pay and will continue to feel the sting well into the summer.

“The cold weather has really played a major part in the road conditions. We have a lot of roads that have swollen up and deteriorated due to the extremely cold temperatures we’ve had,” Grider told WGEL. “We’re having to spend some extra money this summer now to get the roads repaired and get them built back as they need it, with added asphalt costs and black top costs.”

Grider said other communities in the area and throughout the state are feeling the same financial impact. He said the city is now in the process of putting together the budget for the next fiscal year and may have to find ways to make up for this year’s unanticipated spending.

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