County Addresses Issues With Dudleyville Road

In their meeting this week the Bond County Board approved an amendment to an earlier agreement with H.M. & G. Engineering in the amount of $21,500. This amendment was made necessary due to increased use of H.M. & G.’s services regarding a Highway Department project on Dudleyville Road.

A portion of Dudleyville Road, on either side of a bridge, is beginning to rut, according to H.M. & G. and has been worn down to dirt. The engineers believe the issue was caused by improper use of organic material as filler and a lack of compaction testing. Representatives of H.M. & G. said there were up to five feet of this type of fill in some places.

The engineers recommended hiring a geotechnical consultant to do core studies to find out how deep the problem runs. H.M. & G. said they will be on site when the county requests their help and the department of transportation will also help sort out the issue.

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