Daniken Appointed To Fill Position On Unit 2 School Board

A special Unit 2 School Board meeting was held Wednesday night to fill a board position vacated by Scott Workman, who moved into a different township that was already represented on the board. Former School Board member Vance Daniken was appointed in a 4-2 vote.  Jay Young, Mike Timmerman, James Jackson, and Scott Gaffner voted in favor and Edmar Schreiber and Nate Prater voted against. There were a total of six applicants applying for the position, one of whom withdrew.  The five seeking to fill the position were Vance Daniken, Matthew Dooly, Bruce Unterbrink, Laura Wall, and Greg Zyken.

Daniken will be sworn in at the April 28th board meeting, to be held at Sorento Elementary School at 7:00 p.m.

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