Greenville City Council Votes To Change Leaf Burning Ordinance

Leaf burning in the City of Greenville has been a topic at city council meetings for months and the council has spent many hours discussing the matter and hearing from the public.

At Tuesday night’s meeting another discussion was held followed by a change made to the city ordinance.  Councilman Roger Sanders proposed these changes to the current ordinance.  First, residents that want to burn their leaves will need to get a free permit from city hall; second, the city manager is authorized to expand the leaf pick up program as he sees fit; and third, that a $25 fine be issued to anyone burning outside of authorized burn times.

Councilman Mike Heath seconded the motion and it passed in a 3-2 vote with Sanders, Heath and Mayor Alan Gaffner voting yes, and Kenny Hampton and John Gillard voting no.  Gillard had made a motion to completely ban leaf burning in Greenville, but it failed to get a second and no vote was taken on Gillard’s motion.

City Manager Dave Willey said the leaf vacuum program costs the city around $50,000 per year; if it’s enlarged that cost will go up.  The changes will take effect with the fall leaf burning season.  Anyone with questions regarding the leaf burning changes, or how to obtain a permit, is encouraged to call Greenville City Hall at 664-1644.

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