Illinois State Police Encourage Prom Safety

April is the beginning of prom season and a time when celebrations can turn dangerous for high school students. Safety Education Officer Trooper Jeff Yenchko with Illinois State Police District 18 shared some advice on prom safety.

“You know, prom is a big event for many high schoolers,” Yenchko said. “And for some parents as well, because it’s either their kids’ first one or their last one. It is a big milestone for some people. We want you to enjoy your time as much as possible while you’re there, but we also want you to stay safe.

“We’re going to have several troopers working overtime shifts and extra patrol coverages, just to ensure everyone’s safety. That is our primary goal—to keep you safe and let you enjoy the night. We hope the kids who going, and the parents who may be hosting parties, make smart choices and keep everyone safe.”

To ensure a safe night, the Illinois State Police stress that prom-bound students should use their seat belts, pay attention behind the wheel—don’t text and drive and do not drink and drive.

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