ISBE Financial Profile Scores Show Bond County Schools In Rough Shape

According to the Illinois State Board of Education’s 2014 financial profile scores, Bond County school districts are among several others in the state struggling financially. The Mulberry Grove Unit 1 School District dropped two rating levels, from review to watch. Their score dropped from 3.35 in 2012 to 2.55 in 2013.

Bond County Unit 2 Schools actually improved their financial profile score slightly, moving from 2.8 up to 2.9 but received the same rating of early warning, the rating ranked between review and watch.

Mulberry Grove Unit 1 is one of 49 districts statewide to receive the watch rating, the lowest rating given.

ISBE reported that nearly 62 percent of all Illinois school districts are struggling financially, deficit spending, using their reserves or borrowing, compared to less than 33 percent in 2008.

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