JICCA Held Spring Convention At American Farm Heritage Museum

The JI Case Collectors’ Association held their annual spring convention at the American Farm Heritage Museum this weekend. Museum representative Sherry Schaefer told WGEL the convention brought collectors from throughout the country.

“They have a spring get-together every year and this year they had it in Greenville,” Schaefer told WGEL. “I don’t know exactly how many states were here, but I drove through the parking lot and I counted at least seven states. A few people brought tractors in, there were a lot of vendors set up there, and they had an action. I even ended up buying a few Case memorabilia pieces for myself.

“It was a great weekend, everybody had a good time, and they’re all looking forward to coming back to the summer show at the museum, since we’re featuring Case then.”

Greenville Tourism coordinated bus tours during the group’s visit, highlighting various local attractions.

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