Shoal Creek Fire Protection District Held Annual Banquet

Shoal Creek Fire Protection District recognized their firefighters recently for their service to the community at the annual awards banquet. Steve Langheim with the fire department told us more about the event.

“We had our annual banquet in the Sorento Firehouse—engine house number one, where we had members of the fire department recognized for their service,” Langheim told WGEL. “The banquet was catered by FEMA, and we had a good time and a good meal. The district recognized all its firefighters for their hard work and everything that we’ve done this past year. It’s what kind of keeps us going, striving forward for the next year of serving our communities.”

During the banquet, Kelly Voyles was named the 2013 Firefighter of the Year. Fire Chief Kent Priddle and Assistant Chief David Caulk also received special recognition.

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