Tom Merritt Produces Episode Of Popular Podcast From GHS

Tom Merritt (right) conducts his podcast with students at Greenville High School

WGEL alum Tom Merritt recently visited Greenville High School to produce an episode of his popular podcast, “Daily Tech News Show.”  Students in Mark Jurgena’s class were involved in the show and Merritt told us he was impressed with their questions.

“It was great,” Merritt said.  “I was really impressed with how up on the topics they are and the thoughtfulness of a lot of their questions.  There were questions I expected, of course…but there were some really interesting and innovative questions that I never would have thought of myself.”

We also talked with Merritt about his career path, following his time at WGEL.

“I started my career in 1986 as a disc jockey at WGEL, the best country in the country.  Then I went to college at the University of Illinois and went to grad school at UT Austin.  I kicked around doing a lot of different stuff until 1999 when I got a job at ZDTV, which was a television network about technology that eventually became Tech TV.

“I worked there until they got acquired by Comcast in 2004 and I moved over to CNET and did a bunch of technology journalism for CNET. That’s when I got really into podcasting.  I’ve been doing podcasting ever since.  I did some for CNET, I’ve done some for a company called ‘This Week in Tech’ and now I’m doing it independently.”

Merritt lives in Los Angeles.  You can keep up with him at

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