USPS Recognizes Two Employees For Service Milestones

Tom Marchello & Joyce Adesanya

February marked 40 years of employment with the United States Postal Service for Joyce Adesanya. She told WGEL she has enjoyed seeing the technological advancements throughout the years but her favorite part of the job is working with customers.

“I’ve enjoyed the work at the Postal Service,” Adesanya told WGEL. “Particularly, my favorite part is the customers. I would say Greenville has been a great experience. I’ve been here almost half of my career, out of my 40. With the customers and community here in Bond County, that keeps me going. I hope I can continue on and who knows how long I’ll still go?”

Tom Marchello is also celebrating a service milestone this year in his 35th year with the postal service. Marchello said he worked most of his career as a mail carrier in rural Smithboro and was transferred to Greenville in 2011. He agreed that people are the best part of working with the postal service.

“I think the best part is on the route, meeting people and seeing faces and the countryside,” Marchello said. “I’ve seen families grow up and start their own families. One thing I’ve seen, besides the automated mail, was the boxes it seems like have gotten bigger. I don’t remember the boxes being so big 10 years ago as they are today. Other than that, it’s still ‘get your mail and go out there and put it in the boxes’.”

Tom and Joyce were both recognized by the postal service with certificates and pins for their service milestones.

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