Board Of Health Discuss Building And Software Updates

The Bond County Board of Health discussed several updates to the health department during their recent meeting. Public Health Administrator Mark Ayers informed the board of an HVAC software upgrade the department procured for $3,500 as well as a diagnostic to find and fix problems with the system costing $1,500. Ayers said the new software should help the department to more consistently regulate temperature with their geothermal system.

New wiring for the backup generator was also a topic of discussion. Ayers said the recent power outage showed some changes need to be made. He said the generator is not currently powering the dental clinic in case of power outage along with several computers throughout the facility. The issue will be addressed further at their next meeting.

The Board also discussed their recent mortgage refinance. The new loan term was extended to 58 months and the interest rate was lowered from 2.75 percent to 2.5 percent. The balance currently sits at just over $796,000. The department has made extra payments of $7,500 when possible each month. Ayers said they are on track to pay the loan off in 38 months if they continue at this pace.

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